Bridge Collapse Prevention Device

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Product description

The Bridge Collapse Prevention Device connects beams and columns by PC cables to prevent collapse in the event of major displacement. Following the Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake of 1995, the Japanese specifications for highway bridges were revised and bridge collapse prevention devices have been emphasized as important earthquake resistant measures for bridges. Kawakin Core-Techfs PC cable has a polyethylene cover and is highly weather resistant and durable. It employs chloroprene rubber as shock-buffering material, while its simple and compact design delivers enhanced reinforcement. It is sold as a part of aseismic resistant systems together with bearings and elastic joints.

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Features of the Bridge Collapse Prevention Device

1.Compact design and easy to construct
Each component has a simple shape with clear functionality. The small number of components makes it easy to construct.

2.Ensured design based on the Japanese specifications for highway bridges
The device satisfies anti-seismic capabilities based on the Japanese specifications for highway bridges (March 2002).

3.Use of parallel spring
Use of a parallel spring enables realization of a slim structure.

4.Use of chloroprene rubber as shock-buffering material,
Weather-resistant chloroprene rubber is employed as shock-buffering material to ensure safe and reliable performance.

5.Reliable cable
High-grade PC steel cable is coated with protective polyethylene. It is durable and corrosion-resistant. In addition, PC steel cable, coated with galvanized zinc, is available for applications where there is a possibility of high-leverage corrosion.

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