Shear Panel Stopper for Seismic Response Control

Product characteristics

Seismic Isolation and  Vibration Control Capability Aseismic Capability
Measures for Existing Bridges NETIS-registered Kawakin Standard

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Product description

Kawakin Core-Techfs Shear Panel Stopper for Seismic Response Control is a steel damper with panels with low yielding points which are designed to shear to absorb earthquake energy and significantly reduce seismic response displacement. The simple design that features a shear panel and a surrounding steel plate welded together, and a use of standard steel bearings enable to achieve low cost.

Shear Panel Stopper for Seismic Response Control image

Features of Shear Panel Stopper for Seismic Response Control

  • A vibration control stopper is a hysteretic damper that uses low yielding points at shear panel.
  • It is applied as a part of the Functionally Discrete System by being combined with a movable bearing at the fixed bearing part of a bridge.
  • It works as a fixed bearing normally and at a level-1 earthquake but absorbs earthquake energy with yielding shear panels at a level-2 earthquake.
  • It can be applied to new and existing structures alike.
  • It has superb vibration control effects to significantly reduce response displacement during an earthquake.
  • It is more economical than rubber seismic isolation bearings because of simple structure and a use in combination with standard steel bearings.

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