Advanced Vibration Control Device with Amplification System

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Product description

Since the Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake of 1995, much greater importance has been assigned to vibration control technology which prevents damages to buildings even at the time of a major earthquake. Kawakin Core-Techfs advanced vibration control system with amplification functionality is an innovative device that consists of two braces and one damper.
With this system, energy from an earthquake or strong wind is amplified and conducted to the dampers, by means of displacement- and speed-amplifying mechanism. The damper efficiently absorbs the energy to damp building deformation or acceleration. Damage is limited to building exterior as well as interior by preventing furniture and fixtures from overturning or movement.

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The Advanced Vibration Control Device with Amplification System is small in terms of space requirements and requires installation of fewer systems than competing products. Thus, it costs less and uses less installation space. It looks well from the aesthetic design viewpoint and satisfies requirements for safety and good appearance. The system can be applied in various architectural types, from aseismic reinforcement in hospitals, schools, and other public facilities to residential complexes, office buildings and other multistoried buildings.

Features of Advanced Vibration Control System with Amplification Functionality

1. Reduction in the number of installed devices
The number of installed devices can be 30-50% less than needed for other methods, because performance of the damper is maximized by the amplifying structure.

2. No restriction on disposition of devices
Contrary to conventional methods which required the devices to be multiply layered, Kawakin Core-Tech's system allows more discretion in design and provides greater efficiency.

3. Smart and simple design
Small tubes give a less-intimidating impression. Fresh-design cast iron frames are used for aseismic reinforcement.

4. No hampering of an entrance or a window
The device is so compact as to enable placing it at an entrance or a window.

5. Short construction period
The device needs to be installed in few places, resulting in a short construction period.

6. Cost reduction
Costs can be reduced compared to the conventional method, thanks to a smaller damper, fewer points of installation, and a shorter construction period.

7. Eligible for subsidies for aseismic reinforcement work
Results of aseismic reinforcement work can be evaluated with the seismic index of structure (IS)*. In Japan this means the building owner can apply for a subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. It also is compliant with the Aseismic Reinforcement Evaluation Committee standards.
* Some municipalities do not recognize the seismic index of structure (IS).

Vibration Control Structure

This structure has a damper or other device that absorbs the energy of motion of an earthquake and converts it to heat, alleviating structural strain, while its properties limit acceleration to protect the building and people within that building.
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