Aseismic Retrofitting AD Braces

Product characteristics

Seismic Isolated Buildings Vibration Controlled Buildings Aseismic Retrofitting
Ministry-approved Industry-evaluated NETIS-registered

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Product description

Kawakin Core-Tech's AD brace is instrumental in providing reinforcement to buildings. While competitorsf conventional products use H-shaped steel, the AD brace has a superior design that makes it more user-friendly. It is available in a range of materials to suit different buildings and fine-tuning can be undertaken onsite.

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Features of AD Brace

1. Already received industry evaluation
The AD Bracefs design and manufacturing have been evaluated by the Center for Better Living, a nonprofit organization (CBL No.SS003-08).

2. Enabling optimal combination
By combining three types of clevis fasteners and steel tubes, an optimal brace to the building can be made.

3. Superior design
Use of steel tubes as a major component means that the AD Brace is not overly conspicuous and appears well designed.

4. Human-friendly
The AD Brace has less sharp edges and less exposed bolts than conventional H-shaped steel braces. Thus, it prevents unexpected injuries.

5. Easy to adjust
The AD Brace is easy to construct. By using turnbuckles, the distance between pins can be adjusted by ±20mm.

6. Materials certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
The AD Brace uses pins (SCM435), that are certified by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, and the clevis are of cast steel (SCW620) certified by the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS).

Aseismic Structure

Braces can give buildings more strength and flexibility. In the event that the energy encountered is beyond the brace's capacity, it actually sacrifices part of its structure to absorb that energy.
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