Structural Steel Castings

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Product description

Casting has played an important role around the world since its invention in ancient Mesopotamia. Nowadays, cast products are used in innumerable ways. Structural steel castings that Kawakin Core-Tech supplies are made by our group company, Kawaguchi Metal Industries. With their accumulated experiences and advanced technology, the products won the trust of the civil engineering and construction industries.
We make use of our own cutting-edge casting technologies that employ steel materials such as alloys, galvanizeds teel, fire-resistant steel, and the specified material ofSCW480 for their ability to enable secure welding joints with strength and provide impact resistance. With creative design, curvilinear materials can be employed in modern structures, increasing freedom for new architectural achievements.

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Structural Steel Castingsf Manufacturing Process

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  • 1. Casting plan
    In order to manufacture high-grade castings, it is important to make an appropriate casting plan by anticipating casting defects caused by solidification and contraction of molten metal. Using the gsolidification simulationh analysis software, a casting plan to prevent casting defects is made to enable manufacturing of economical and functional castings.
  • 2. Modeling plan
    Modeling is done by using accumulated know-how and then undergoes strict tests, so that castings with superior dimensional accuracy are produced.
  • 3.Molding
    Alkali-phenol organic self-hardening molds are adopted to ensure high dimensional accuracy of castings.
  • 4.Dissolution
    High-purity castings, after a refining process, and high-grade spherodized graphite castings that have undergone stable spherodizing treatment, are produced.
  • 5.Casting
    In addition to adoption of an optimal casting plan, We accumulated casting know-how of over a half century allows our Group to guarantee fine products with high dimensional accuracy.
  • 6.Finishing
    Good surfaces that are essential for castings are obtained, while the use of processes and technologies result in functional products with high dimensional accuracy. In addition, the processing equipment used up to mid-processing further ensures high quality.
  • 7.Heat treatment
    A high-speed burner that uses environmentally-friendly city gas as fuel improves precision temperature control of the soaking area, hence equalizing composition and refining crystal grains. This then leads to high-grade casting products.
  • 8.Machine processing
    We are equipped with various processing machines, in keeping with our position as an integrated material supplier that handles from casting to processing. We are highly regarded in this area.
  • 9.Quality guarantee
    We keep records of results of not only the strict inspection of modeling but also chemical component analysis inside the furnace, dimensional inspection by use of a three-dimensional measuring instrument, and confirmative testing. The results are used for assured manufacturing control which then leads to quality control and quality guarantee.
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