Overseas Delivery Performance (in random order)

Project Name^Location

Seismic Isolators / Rubber Bearings

1996 The Project for Reconstruction of Bridges in the North District (Vietnam)
1999 The Project for Reconstruction of Umi Bridge (Papua New Guinea)
2006 2nd Magsaysay Bridge And Butuan City Bypass Road Project (Philippine)
2006 Machang Bridge Project (South Korea)
2007 Geo Guem Bridge Project Phase-2 (South Korea)
2007 The Project for Reconstruction of Bridges in East Guadalcanal Solomon Islands
2008 Urgent Bridges Construction Project for Rural Development Package-1 (Philippine)
2009 Daejeon Metropolitan City Hanvit Bridge (South Korea)
2010 The Project for Construction of Bridges on Bougainville Coastal Trunk Road (Papua New Guinea)
2011 Changwon~Busan PIA (South Korea)
2011 Nhat Tan Bridge Package 1, 2 (Vietnam)
2011 Tanjyung Priok Access Road Section NS Link, E2, E2A, NS Direct Lump (Indonesia)
2013 The Project for Construction of Tsubasa Bridge (Cambodia)
2015 Jakarta MRT CP 101, 102 and 103 (Indonesia)
*Under Construction
2015 Ho Chi Minh City Urban Railway Line-1 (Vietnam)
*Under Construction
2016 Chaung Sone Bridge (Myanmar)
*Under Construction
2016 Major Bridges Construction Project of The National Road Network Package-1 (Uganda)
*Under Construction
2016 Chaung Sone Truss Bridge (Myanmar)
*Under Construction
ƒSƒ€Žx³ ŽΚ^1

Machang Bay Bridge (South Korea)

ƒSƒ€Žx³ ŽΚ^2

Sarrat Bridge (Phillipine)

ƒSƒ€Žx³ ŽΚ^3

Nhat Tan Bridge (Vietnam)

ƒSƒ€Žx³ ŽΚ^4

Tsubasa Bridge (Cambodia)

Steel Bearings

Construction of Railway Double Tracking of Java North Line Phase-1 & 2 (Indonesia)
2000 Reconstruction of Gampola Bridges and Muwagama Bridge (Sri Lanka)
2002 Haiphong Binh Bridge Project under JBIC ODA Loan -Phase 1 (Vietnam)
2002 The Project for Reconstruction of Bridge (Phase-1) (Bhutan)
2002 Relon Bridge (Papua New Guinea)
2003 The Central Area of Viet Nam Steel Girder Procurement of 15 Bridges (Vietnam)
2007 Tashuguzar-Kumkurgan New Railway Construction Project (Uzbekistan)
2009 Bale Bridge (Mali/Senegal)
2010 North Java Corridor Flyover Project Package 1 & 2 (Indonesia)
2010 The Project for Reconstruction of Bridge (Phase-3) In the kingdom of Bhutan
2011 Hanoi-HCMC Railway Bridge Rehabilitation Project CP-1A, CP-2, CP-3B, CP-3C, CP-4 (Vietnam)
2011 Malun Bridge (Myanmar)
2015 Cao Lanh Bridge Package-1 (Vietnam)
*Under Construction
2015 Paso Real Bridge (Nicaragua)
*Under Construction
2015 North-South Expressway Construction Project Ben Luc-Long Thanh Section (J2) (Vietnam)
2016 Jinja Birdge (Uganda)
*Under Construction
2016 Mombasa Southern Bypass & Kipevu New Container Terminal Link Road PK-1 (Kenya)
*Under Construction
|»Žx³ ŽΚ^1

Binh Bridge (Vietnam)

|»Žx³ ŽΚ^2

Railway Bridge No.5 (Uzbekstan)

Expansion Joints

1998 Re-Construction of Small and Medium Bridges (5 Bridges) Dhaka ~ Cittagon Highway (Bangladesh)
2001 Mangothi Bridge (Malawi)
2002 Haiphong Binh Bridge Project under JBIC ODA Loan-Phase 1 (Vietnam)
2004 New Niari Bridge and New Mutwapa Bridge4 Finger Joints (Kenya)
2008 The Project for Rehabilitation of Trunk Road,
Phase III Abbay Bridge3 Finger Joints (Ethiopia)
2012 The Project for Replacement of Awash Bridge (Ethiopia)
2014 Nhat Tan Bridge Package 1 (Vietnam)
2016 Sekon Bridge (Laos)
*Under Construction


2010 Seismic Rehabilitation for School in Mokpo City (South Korea)
2010 Du Xiu Building in Taichung City (Taiwan)
2011 Green School composition and other construction in An-Dong Middle School (South Korea)
2011 Long Feng Duan Ji He Zhu Zhai Building in Shin Zhuang City (Taiwan)
2013 Shin-Long Development in Yonghe District in 2011 (Taiwan)
2016 Academia Sinica National Research Center (Taiwan)
2016 CHAINQUI DEVELOPMENT New residential building construction (Taiwan)
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